96% of Businesses will Fail

What Would It Mean To Your Future If
You Had a System to Ensure Your Success?

Thousands of Business Shut Their Doors Each Month,
Leaving the Business Owners Broke and Broken

Thousands of People just like You
Will Start Businesses with No Chance of Success

They will Pour Their Time and Hard Earned Money
Down a Hole, Being Left with Nothing to show for it

forbesTop 3 Reasons For Business Failure

            • Not serving a profitable market Segment
            • Not effectively communicating their message to their market
            • Lack of targeted traffic to their offers



Even if you get lucky and have a profitable business
Lack of Systems is eventually going to exhaust you to the point of Failure!

We define a Successful Business as
a Business that Works For You
A Business You Work For!

Most of You are Failing and You Don't Even Know it...
If You Have No Time and or Not Enough Money
Then You Are failing

Do You Want to be in the 4% that Succeed?

If You Are Serious About Building a Successful Business
Then You Cannot Afford to Miss This

We are going to show you exactly what it takes
to build the Business of Your Dreams

Time to Take Control of Your Life
Learn to Build a Business that Allows You The Freedom You Deserve

Let's put an end to the Misery of Business Failure.

Let's face it, the reason we wanted a business in the first place was Freedom.

If you are completely honest about it, you do not want to answer to a boss.
You also want Time to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it.
You also want the Money to never worry about whether you can afford anything you want.

It all Boils Down to FREEDOM
You Want It, and that is what a Successful Business Offers


My name is John Limbocker and
This is why I created the


”Dominator Success Program”

A Simple 3 Step System We Call


The “Dominator Success Program” includes:


          • Complete Training on the “ACT” System
          • Online Home Study Course
          • Easy to follow video lessons
          • PDF Workbooks
          • Bonus Freedom Formula Lesson
          • Resource Guide (Access to Powerful Software Automation Tools)
          • 2 Day Live Implementation Event (2017 Dates to be announced)
          • Video Recordings of our Last Live Event
          • Additional Event Ticket for One Guest (Must be working on the same Business)
          • Ongoing Group Coaching & Weekly Support Calls


          • Trend Dominator
          • Video Dominator
          • Discounted Access to Script Dominator
          • Free Trial to SEM Rush


          • Complete Access to Internet Dominators Club
          • Full Access to SEO Dominators Membership
          • Full Video SEO Training
          • Video Recording of SEO Reboot 2016


The CompleteDominator-Success-Program-Logo-250


Here's The Deal
I feel so confident about this program that
I am going to put my money where my mouth is...

I am breaking it into 2 payments
Pay $497 today

Then make the second payment of $1,500.00
Only AFTER You have made 100K using the Program.

You can get the entire Program today for
Just $497.00

Use Offer Code

Register-Now-Dominator Success System

Need More Info?
Read On...

This System has been used by Ad Agencies
for over 100 years in Corporate America.

It has traditionally been a tightly
guarded secret, reserved only for
big players with huge ad budgets.

No company has ever achieved mass
market penetration without it.

Getting it right almost guarantees success
Getting it wrong almost ensures failure

It has been secretly used by all the
Top Internet Marketers in every
Million Dollar Launch

Now, I am going to reveal it to You
in a simple 3 Step System that is so
simple a third grader could do it.

Once you see how simple it is
you will look at your business in a
whole new and much more profitable way...

You will own a new skill that will allow you to
look at any business and predict its failure or success.

Businesses pay big bucks for consultants that
have this skill set because it can navigate them
through a mine field of loses and deliver them to
the land of Millions of dollars of Profits.

What would it mean to you if you were able to
evaluate whether or not to invest your
hard earned money into a business or not?

How would you like to know if your
business idea has a chance of making it big?

Don't risk your future starting a business
without a rock solid plan for success.

If you have a business that is struggling,
You will know if it is fixable or time to
move on to greener pastures.

No, I am not saying this is the cure to any
business problem but it will certainly help you
see what the problems are and if there is hope.

Tony Robbins says
“96% of businesses will fail within 10 years”

Imagine spending 10 years of your life in misery.

How would you feel being left broke and broken
after 10 years struggling with no chance of success?

The “ACT” System will allow you to analyze any
existing business or business idea and know the
potential for success or failure before taking another step.

You will know if you are creating another JOB You Work For,
or if you are building a business that Works for You.

To be completely honest with you,
this system has shut more businesses
down than it has helped.

But it immediately took those business owners
out of misery and put them into new business ventures
that made sense with a bright and profitable future.

Obviously, no system can guarantee success
and results will vary. As Tony said, 96% will
fail so success is not the norm in business.

BUT, what I can guarantee you is...
Without a proven system
your odds of failure are 96% or higher

If You Can’t Afford to Fail
Then You Need The



Here's The Deal
I feel so confident about this program that
I am going to put my money where my mouth is...

I am breaking it into 2 payments
Pay $497 today

Then make the second payment of $1,500.00
Only AFTER You have made 100K using the Program.

You can get the entire Program today for
Just $497.00

Use Offer Code

Register-Now-Dominator Success System

The “Dominator Success System” IS Right for You If...

          • You want to know what ensures the success of any business
          • You want to avoid expensive failures
          • You want the shortcut to Business Success
          • You are tired of working for others
          • You want control of your business
          • You want a business that works for you instead of one that you work for
          • You want the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it
          • You want control over your income and profits

If this sounds like you then I invite you to take part in the “Dominator Success Program”

Register-Now-Dominator Success System


This System is NOT Right for You If...

          • You want to blame your failures on others
          • You think business success is guaranteed or happens by chance
          • You think there is a push button solution to success
          • You want to continue buying shiny objects with no plan to benefit from them
          • You like to live in fear of failure
          • You are not willing to follow a proven system
          • You prefer to flounder with no hope of success
          • You don't care whether you succeed or fail

If this sounds like you, then I wish you the best in your future failures.

If You are willing to Embrace Change and Want to Model
Some of the Most Successful Businesses on the planet
then I invite you to join us in the “Dominator Success Program”


You can get the entire Program today for
Just $497.00

Use Offer Code

Register-Now-Dominator Success System

Are you going to Build the Business of Your Dreams?
Or are you going to Set Yourself Up for Failure?

The choice is yours
I hope you decide to join us

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